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Emergency Preparedness | Gateway Management and Realty

Emergency Preparedness

What kind of plans do I need? 

Fires, floods, earthquakes, and other unforeseen emergencies that may potentially apply to your region. Tenants need to know not only how to evacuate the building, but also what to do in cases where they must remain in the building as a disastrous event occurs (such as an earthquake).

Some items every emergency preparedness plan should consider:

  • Know what to expect when 911 is notified in case of emergency
  • Make sure all tenants have emergency numbers on-hand to reference. This should include the fire department, police department (a general non-emergency number for cases when 911 is not necessary), poison control, and a property management company number that can be used during off-business hours.
  • Know your emergency exit options
  • Know where your building fire extinguisher is located. Consider adding a personal fire extinguisher and locating it under your kitchen sink in case of a grease or other cooking fire.
  • In case of a fire, do NOT use elevators and make close all doors behind them to stop the fire from spreading

Additionally, you and other responsible parties should know:

  • How to shut off water, gas, and electricity
  • What to do in case of power failure (garage doors, elevators, etc.)
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